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What we need from you - the Farmer

  • Withhold Food  - Just like when you send animals to the abattoir your animal must be off food for at least 6 hours prior to slaughter. This is difficult to achieve if the animal is still running around a large paddock. Having the animals 'emptied out'  will facilitate evisceration and also make the offal easier to handle when disposing it.

  • Secure Yards - your animal/s need to be in an accessible secure yard or very small paddock. We do not hunt or stalk your livestock.  If we cannot get close enough to despatch your animal safely we will postpone the job and you may be charged a travel fee.

  • Property Access - minimum clearance of 3 metres for our Cold room to traverse under trees etc.

  • Flat Ground - reasonably level and dry ground required for Cold room trailer and boom arm operation during slaughter.

  • Access to Clean Water - Preferred but not essential. We like to hose off the equipment after we have finished the kill.

  • ​No Pets - please restrain dogs and keep out of the area when we are slaughtering

  • Warn any Neighbours- This is a polite thing to do. Some people don't like their serenity being disturbed.

  • Waste Disposal - This is very important. The client is responsible for  disposing of all waste from the slaughter and then the waste fat and bones from the cut-up in a way that it does not become a nuiscance to anyone. Most clients simply dig a hole.

  • Reliable Electricity - The Cold room with your meat will be parked in a convenient place until cut up day within reach of reliable 240 v power.

  • Regular Temp Checks - The meat is stored at the clients risk. The cold room temp should be checked daily. If the temperature rises above 5 degrees C, please inform us immediately.

  • Cutting List Returned - Please return cutting lists prior to us coming to cut up your animal so we can bring the necessary ingredients and equipment.

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