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Our FAQs

If you have any questions about Farm Butchery Service, check out our most frequent enquiries and answers below. If something is still not clear or you want information about something we didn’t cover, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

You are a qualified Meat Inspector. Does this mean I can sell some of the meat?

The Victorian Meat Industry Act prohibits the slaughter of livestock other than at an abattoir to produce meat for sale, but does allow Farmers to slaughter their own livestock on their farm for private consumption at home.

Meat from these animals is not permitted to be sold or to leave the property, according to the state's meat safety regulator PrimeSafe.

Do you slaughter injured animals?

Yes, we can offer emergency kills for injured livestock, and prioritize these wherever possible. However, The meat from an injured or stressed animal may be bruised and is usually of lower eating and keeping quality. The animals welfare is paramount and if we cannot get to an injured animal in a timely manner it should be euthanaized promptly to alleviate any further suffering.

What happens with the waste from slaughter & cut up?

You will be required to dispose of the hide, head, intestines & offal at time of slaughter, and then, bones, fat trim & other waste at time of cut up.  Our suggestion is to excavate a deep hole to bury them.  This also prevents wild dogs and foxes from coming onto your Farm.

Do you do Halal Slaughter?

Not personally because we are Christians. However we can facilitate Muslim slaughter if required. 

Can I place a special order?

Please use the Email form  to contact us regarding requesting specific cuts or extras, and we will quote you as accurately as possible.

What is the estimated wait time after booking?

Obviously this varies. We try to keep up but you can often be expected to wait 8 to10 weeks after booking. So get in early.

Do I need to provide bags and labels?

No, we will supply everything. However, some crates or eskies to pack the meat in would be useful.

Do you deliver?


What is the best age to slaughter a lamb/sheep?

Usually between 10 and 12 months before it gets item adult teeth and becomes a Hogget. The general rule is the older the sheep is the stronger and tougher the meat. 

I want to keep the hide. Is that feasible? 

Some people have bought the required tanning products and do it themselves. However, I recommend leaving this to the professionals. You can send your salted hide away to a Tannery in Ballarat and they will process it for you.  Click on link below.

What percentage of my animal will I get back?

You’ll get all of it back? However unless you want to be really creative and make  bone broth, soup, dripping or lard or soap from the waste you will have quite a significant amount to dispose of. Here is a useful link explaining the amount of waste from various carcasses.

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